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The settler1820 Settlers' Association of South Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Building Women3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Emergency Services SA / Occupational Risk3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Enterprise Risk3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
HR Highway3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Inside Mining3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Occupational Risk Management3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
ReSource3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Risk management3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
SA Irrigation = SA Besproeiing3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Transport World Africa3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
Water&Sanitation Africa3S MediaZACommercial Publisher
QuestAcademy of Science for South African (ASSAf)ZAResearch Council/Council/Group/Academy
Conflict TrendsACCORD African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of DisputesZABureau/Centre
South African Actuarial JournalActuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and SocietyAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal for Business and Economic ResearchAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
African Performance ReviewAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
African RenaissanceAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of African Foreign AffairsAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Gender, Information and Development in Africa (JGIDA)Adonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Somali studiesAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
Ubuntu : Journal of Conflict TransformationAdonis & AbbeyGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Terrorism and Insurgency ResearchAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of African EducationAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of African Films & Diaspora StudiesAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of African Languages and Literary StudiesAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Nation-building & Policy StudiesAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Democracy and GovernanceAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Sociological and Psychological StudiesAdonis & Abbey PublishersGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of African Union StudiesAdonis & Abbey Publishers LimitedGBCommercial Publisher
AFMA MatrixAFMA MediaZACommercial Publisher
African Markets OverviewAfrica Growth InstituteZABureau/Centre
AfricaGrowth AgendaAfricaGrowth InstituteZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Finance JournalAfricaGrowth InstituteZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africa InsightAfrica Institute of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africana notes and newsAfricana Society; Africana Museum (Johannesburg, South Africa)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Jaarboek -Africana Vereniging van PretoriaAfricana Society of PretoriaZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal for Physical Health Education, Recreation and DanceAfrican Association for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and DanceZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAfrican Association of Agricultural EconomicsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africana-Vereniging van Pretoria Jaarboek / Africana Society of Pretoria YearbookAfricana-Vereniging van PretoriaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africana-Vereniging van Pretoria Jaarboek / Africana Society of Pretoria YearbookAfricana-Vereniging van PretoriaZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal on Conflict ResolutionAfrican Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)ZABureau/Centre
Newsletter -African Language Association of Southern AfricaAfrican Language Association of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africa Journal of Public Sector Development and GovernanceAfrican Management Development Institutes' Network (AMDIN)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Acta TheologicaAfrican SUN MediaZACommercial Publisher
African Yearbook of RhetoricAfricaRhetoric PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Africa SanguineAfrica Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Stilet : Tydskrif vir die Afrikaanse LetterkundeverenigingAfrikaanse Letterkundevereniging (ALV)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
TaalgenootAfrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Red Meat / RooivleisAgri ConnectZAOrganization
Dairy Mail Africa: Publication for the Dairy Industry in AfricaAgri Connect (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
M&J RetailAgri Connect (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
NAFU FarmerAgri Connect (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
The Dairy MailAgri Connect (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
Ubisi MailAgri Connect (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
African Plant ProtectionAgricultural Research CouncilZAResearch Council/Council/Group/Academy
Aids legal quarterlyAIDS Legal Network of South Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
The phoenix: magazine of the Albany MuseumAlbany Museum (Grahamstown, South Africa)ZAMuseum
Feminist AfricaAll Africa House, University of Cape Town, Private Bag; Rondeboch;7700; Tel: 021 650 2970 ...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Current Allergy & Clinical ImmunologyAllergy Soc South Africa, PO Box 88, Observatory 7935, Cape TownZAInstitute/Society/Association
Learning and Teaching MathematicsAMESA Association for Mathematics Education of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
OptimaAnglo American Corporation of South Africa, ltdZAOrganization
Angora goat & mohair journalAngora Goat Stud Breeders' Society of South Africa. South African Mohair Growers' Association. South Africa Ram Breed...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Antiques in South AfricaAntique Collectors' Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Acta CommerciiAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Bothalia - African Biodiversity & ConservationAOSISZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of DisabilityAOSISZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family MedicineAOSISZACommercial Publisher
African Vision and Eye HealthAOSISZACommercial Publisher
CurationisAOSISZACommercial Publisher
In die SkrifligAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Jamba: Journal of Disaster Risk StudiesAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Journal of the South African Veterinary AssociationAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Transport and Supply Chain ManagementAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and ScienceAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Literator : Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary StudiesAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary ResearchAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Open Journal of Implant DentistryAOSISZACommercial Publisher
PythagorasAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Reading & Writing - Journal of the Reading Association of South AfricaAOSISZACommercial Publisher
SA Journal of Human Resource ManagementAOSISZACommercial Publisher
SA Journal of RadiologyAOSISZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Communication DisordersAOSISZACommercial Publisher
SA Journal of Industrial PsychologyAOSISZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Information ManagementAOSISZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of PhysiotherapyAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Southern African Journal of HIV MedicineAOSISZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal for Science and Technology / Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie AOSISZACommercial Publisher
Verbum et EcclesiaAOSISZACommercial Publisher
SA Journal of OncologyAOSISZACommercial Publisher
Transformation in Higher EducationAOSISZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of Laboratory MedicineAOSIS Open JournalsZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of Psychological AssessmentAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of Career DevelopmentAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Insulin ResistanceAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
African Evaluation JournalAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Africa's Public Service Delivery & Performance Review JournalAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Medicinal Plants for Economic DevelopmentAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Local Government Research and InnovationAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Journal of African ForesightAOSIS PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Plant protection newsARC-Plant Protection Research InstituteZAResearch Council/Council/Group/Academy
South African Journal of Art HistoryArt Historical Work Group of South AfricaZAResearch council/council/group
Art South AfricaArt South Africa, PO Box 16067, Vlaeberg; 8018ZACommercial Publisher
Administratio PublicaASSADPAM (Association of Southern African Schools and Departments of Public Administration and Management)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of ScienceASSAfZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
MADA: magazine for developing agricultureAssociation for Developing AgricultureZAInstitute/Society/Association
French Studies in Southern AfricaAssociation for French Studies in South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal for the Study of ReligionAssociation for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa (ASRSA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Italian Studies in Southern AfricaAssociation of Professional Italianists in South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of ConstructionAssociation of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa ZAInstitute/Society/Association
ProjectProAssociation of South African Quantity SurveyorsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of the Astronomical Society of South AfricaAstronomical Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
MNASSA : Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South AfricaAstronomical Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Nuclear activeAtomic Energy Corporation of South AfricaZAOrganization
Enterprise: networking for Africa's entrepreneurs and leadersAuckland Park [Johannesburg] : Black Enterprise Pub. and MarketingZACommercial Publisher
OutcomesAuckland Park [Johannesburg] : Malnor,ZACommercial Publisher
RAU bulletin vir dosenteAucklandpark (PO Box 524, Aucklandpark 2006ZAUniversity
Local government digestAuckland Park (Private Bag X20, Auckland Park 2006) : MalnorZACommercial Publisher
Air africanaAviation Society of Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Baptists todayBaptist Union of Southern AfricaZAOrganization
The pre-school yearsBarkly House Training College for Nursery EducationZAOrganization
Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives Batalea PublishersZACommercial Publisher
Kano StudiesBayero University, Kano, NigeriaNGUniversity
Urban managementBedfordview : Brooke Pattrick Publications (Pty) Ltd.,ZACommercial Publisher
Technology SABedfordview : CrownZACommercial Publisher
Career successBedfordview : DictumZACommercial Publisher
Southern African journal of entrepreneurship and small businessBellville : Unit for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management of the University of Stellenbosch Business SchoolZABureau/Centre
BER: Economic Prospects: Full SurveyBER Bureau for Economic Research, StellenboschZABureau/Centre
BER: Manufacturing Survey: Full SurveyBER Bureau for Economic Research, StellenboschZABureau/Centre
BER: Retail Survey: Full SurveyBER Bureau for Economic Research, StellenboschZABureau/Centre
BER: Trends: Full SurveyBER Bureau for Economic Research, StellenboschZABureau/Centre
South African business cycle indicatorsBER Bureau for Economic Research, University of StellenboschZABureau/Centre
Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political TheoryBerghahnZACommercial Publisher
Vulture newsBirds of Prey Programme of South Africa's Endangered Wildlife TrustZATrust
Journal of Black theology in South AfricBlack Theology ProjectNoneNone
DolosBloemfontein (Afrikaans-Nederlandse Vereniging, PO Box 339, Bloemfontein 9300)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
TexturesBloemfontein : English Dept. of the University of the Orange Free State,ZAUniversity
Jersey SABloemfontein : Jersey S.A.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA HerefordBloemfontein (PO Box 20165, Willows, Bloemfontein 9320) : Hereford Breeders' Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA Friesland journalBloemfontein : SA Holstein Fries GenootskapZAInstitute/Society/Association
Holstein Friesland mini journalBloemfontein : S.A. Holstein Friesland SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
The Free State teacher = Vrystaatse onderwyserBloemfontein : Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie, Vrystaat,NoneNone
Bonsmara briefBonsmara Cattle Breeders' Society of SAZAInstitute/Society/Association
International Journal of African Historical StudiesBoston University.; African Studies Center.NoneNone
Veld & FloraBotanical Society of SAZAInstitute/Society/Association
Botswana Institute of Administration & Commerce JournalBotswana Institute of Administration & CommerceBWInstitute/Society/Association
Municipal engineerBraamfontein : Avonwold PubNoneNone
Drive 4x4 guideBraamfontein : Drive Newspapers (PO Box 32083, Braamfontein 2017)ZACommercial Publisher
FWP JournalBraamfontein, JohannesburgNoneNone
Wits journal of librarianship and information scienceBraamfontein (Private Bag 31550, Braamfontein 2017) : The LibraryNoneNone
StaffriderBraamfontein, South Africa : Ravan PressZACommercial Publisher
Frontiers of freedomBraamfontein, South Africa : The Institute of Race Relations.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Religion and TheologyBrill Academic PuiblishersNoneCommercial Publisher
African miningBrooke PattrickZACommercial Publisher
Water sewage & effluentBrooke PattrickZACommercial Publisher
Journal of facilities management Africa: JFM AfricaBrookePattrick PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Mining mirrorBrookePattrick PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
AnimaltalkBryanston : Panorama PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Birds AfricaBryanston, S.A. : B. McGaw,NoneNone
African panoramaBryanston, South Africa : Panorama PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Journal for Development and LeadershipBukani PrintersZACommercial Publisher
Suid-Afrikaanse PanoramaBureau for InformationZABureau/Centre
South African Journal of Art and Architectural History / Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Kuns-en ArgitektuurgeskiedenisBureau for Scientific Publications, Foundation for Education, Science and TechnologyZABureau/Centre
BusinessBriefBusiness Brief PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Business Management ReviewBusiness School, University of Dar-es-SalaamTZUniversity
Journal of Contemporary Roman-Dutch LawButterworthZACommercial Publisher
Borehole water journalBWANoneNone
LiGBybelmediaZACommercial Publisher
Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and ReligionsCalabar School of Philosophy (CSP)NGUniversity
SA Bone & Joint SurgeryCannon Medical Media Publicationw, P.O.Box 2433, Randburg, 2125ZACommercial Publisher
Black business quarterlyCape Media HouseZACommercial Publisher
Blue chipCape Media HouseZACommercial Publisher
South African Baptist Journal of TheologyCape Town Baptist SeminaryZAOrganization
Natural medicineCape Town : Dreamcatcher PublicationsNoneNone
Fishing industry news Southern AfricaCape Town : Exbury NoneNone
Evidence-based medicine: South African editionCape Town : George Warman Publications,NoneNone
Update: the journal of continuing education for general practitionersCape Town : George Warman Publications,NoneNone
SA bankerCape Town : Institute of Bankers in South Africa,NoneNone
Progress: the sustainable development quarterlyCape Town : Johnnic Pub.,NoneNone
The taxpayerCape Town, Juta and Co.ZACommercial Publisher
The South African outlookCape Town : Lovedale PressNoneNone
African communicationsCape Town : Monarch CommunicationsZAOrganization
Journal of modern pharmacyCape Town : National PubNoneNone
South African Food ReviewCape Town : National Pub. (Pty) Ltd.,NoneNone
South African Human Rights YearbookCape Town : Oxford University Press ; Durban : Centre for Socio-legal StudiesNoneNone
Sagittarius : magazine of the South African MuseumCape Town (PO Box 61, Cape Town 8000) : The Museum : Die Museum, 1986-1990.NoneNone
WineCape Town : Ramsay, Son & Parker,NoneNone
Africa geographicCape Town, South Africa : Black Eagle Pub.ZACommercial Publisher
Africa, birds & birdingCape Town, South Africa : Black Eagle Pub.ZACommercial Publisher
South African labour-business monitorCape Town : South African Labour-Business Monitor : Distributed by Services InternationalNoneNone
South African music teacherCapetown : South African Society of Music Teachers.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Annals of the South African Cultural History MuseumCape Town: The MuseumZAMuseum
Food industriesCape Town : United Trade PressNoneNone
Foundry & heat treatment SACape Town : Warman, GZACommercial Publisher
Hospital updateCape Town : Warman, GZACommercial Publisher
English aliveCape Town : Western Cape Branch of the South African Council for English EducationNoneNone
Development Southern AfricaCarfax Publishing, Taylor and Francis LtdZACommercial Publisher
Zimbabwe science newsCauseway, Salisbury : Zimbabwe Scientific AssociationZWInstitute/Society/Association
Rooi roseCaxton MagazinesZACommercial Publisher
Journal for New Generation SciencesCentral University of TechnologyZAUniversity
The ConstitutionCentre for Constitutionalism and Demilitarisation, NigeriaNGBureau/Centre
Journal for Islamic StudiesCentre for Contemporary IslamZABureau/Centre
Multilingual Margins: A journal of Multilingualism from the Periphery Centre for Multilingualism and Diversities ResearchZAUniversity
CPEEL Monograph SeriesCentre for Petroleum, Energy Economics & Law (CPEEL)ZABureau/Centre
Synopsis: newsletter of the governance programme of the Centre for Policy StudiesCentre for Policy Studies (Johannesburg, South Africa)ZABureau/Centre
Election synopsisCentre for Public Participation (South Africa); Centre for Policy Studies (JohannesburgNoneNone
International Review of Philanthropy and Social InvestmentCentre on African Philanthropy and Social InvestmentZAUniversity
Wound Healing Southern AfricaCenturion, South Africa] : Medpharm PublicationsNoneNone
ChallengeChallenge Publications, BraamfonteinNoneNone
Mining surveyChamber of Mines of South Africa. ; Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines.NoneNone
Development Finance Agenda Chartered Institute of Development Finance (CIDEF)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
African ReviewChuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam. Dept. of Political Science and Public AdministrationTZUniversity
Studia Historiae EcclesiasticaeChurch History Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Acta ClassicaClassical Association of SAZAInstitute/Society/Association
Cardiovascular Journal of AfricaClinics Cardive PublishingZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular DiseaseClinics Cardive PublishingNoneNone
BarometerClubview : The CorporationNoneNone
Tanzania Journal of Engineering and TechnologyCollege of Engineering and Technology, University of Dar-es-SalaamTZUniversity
Journal of comprehensive healthCommunity Health Association of Southern Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Computer JournalComputer Society of South Africa & South African Institute of Computer ScientistsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Strandloper: bulletin of the Conchological SocietyConchological Society of Southern AfricaNoneNone
Concrete BetonConcrete Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
WholenessCongella : Golden Sparrow EnterpriseNoneNone
South African Journal of GeomaticsCONSAS ConferenceZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africa Conflict MonitorConsultancy Africa Intelligence (Pty) LtdZAOrganization
Public servantContinues: The public servants' magazine./ Continues in part: Bulletin (Public Servants Association of South Africa) ...NoneNone
GrowthCorporation for Economic Development (South Africa)NoneNone
Chromium reviewCouncil for Mineral Technology (South Africa); Chromium Centre.; International Chromium Development Association.NoneNone
African Sociological ReviewCouncil for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)ZAResearch council/council/group
Psychiatry in practiceCraighall : HelmNoneNone
Engineering newsCreamer MediaZACommercial Publisher
ConfidenceCresta [Johannesburg] : CIA PublicationsNoneNone
Acta Criminologica: South African Journal of CriminologyCRIMSA (Criminological and Victimological Association of SA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CriSTaL)Cristal epubsZACommercial Publisher
Chemical technologyCrown PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Construction worldCrown PublicationsNoneNone
Housing in Southern AfricaCrown PublicationsNoneNone
Mechanical technologyCrown PublicationsNoneNone
CSIR Science ScopeCSIRZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Mining R & D newsCSIR (South Africa). Division of Mining TechnologyNoneNone
Interim : Interdisciplinary JournalCUT Free StateZAUniversity
Crime and conflictDalbridge : Indicator SA, CSDS, University of NatalNoneNone
Deciduous fruit growerDeciduous Fruit BoardNoneNone
Journal of dendrologyDendrological SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
KultuurhistorikusDepartment of Afrikaans Cultural History, Stellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
Agricultural Journal of South AfricaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Agricultural Journal of the Cape of Good HopeDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Agricultural Journal of the Union of South AfricaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
AgroanimaliaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
AgrochemophysicaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Elsenburg joernaalDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Farming in South AfricaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Journal of the Department of AgricultureDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Natal Agricultural JournalDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
South African Journal of Agricultural ScienceDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Transvaal Agricultural JournalDepartment of AgricultureZAUniversity Press
AgroplantaeDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
PhytophylacticaDepartment of AgricultureZAGovernment
Cape librarianDepartment of Cultural Affairs & Sport, Western Cape GovernmentZAGovernment
SA soldierDepartment of Defence, RSAZAGovernment
East African Geographical ReviewDepartment of Geography, Makerere University CollegeUGUniversity
Botswana Law JournalDepartment of Law, University of BotswanaBWUniversity
African Journal of NephrologyDepartment of Nephrology, UKZNZAUniversity Press
Epidemiological commentsDept. of Health, Republic of South AfricaZAGovernment
South Africa Rural Development QuarterlyDevelopment Bank of Southern AfricaNoneNone
Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap = Journal for Christian ScholarshipDie Vereniging vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys (VCHO); The Association for Christian Higher Education (ACHE)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Information Technology ReviewDigital Information Research FoundationNoneNone
Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural HistoryDitsong National Museum of Natural History ZAMuseum
Critical health[Doornfontein, South Africa] : Critical HealthNoneNone
Global tradeDrew LawlerNoneNone
WAJIBUDr. Gerald J. WanjohiNoneNone
ACCORD Occasional PaperDurban : African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of DisputesZABureau/Centre
ChildrenFIRSTDurban : ChildrenFIRST,NoneNone
Butterworths property law digestDurban : LexisNexis ButterworthsZACommercial Publisher
Durban Museum NovitatesDurban Natural Science MuseumZAMuseum
OD debateDurban : Olive Information ServiceNoneNone
The South African Numismatic journal = Die Suid-Afrikaanse Muntkundige tydskrifDurban (PO Box 5792, Durban 4000) : The SocietyNoneNone
Con-textDurban [South Africa] : University of Durban-Westville,ZAUniversity
World airnewsDurban : TCE Publications.NoneNone
African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary StudiesDurban University of Technology (DUT)ZAUniversity
Journal of East African Natural HistoryEast African Natural History SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
PeleaEast Cape Game Management AssociationNoneNone
ESARBICA Journal : Journal of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on ArchivesEastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives, National Archives and Records S...ZAResearch council/council/group
Coelacanth: the journal of the Border Historical SocietyEast London, Union of South AfricaNoneNone
Journal of Development PerspectivesEconomic Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Religion and Theology in NamibiaEcumenical Institute of NamibiaNoneNone
UpstreamEdgemead, Republic of South AfricaNoneNone
Journal of African ElectionsEditorial Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Health management review AfricaE-DOC CCNoneNone
South African Journal of EducationEducation Association of South Africa (EASA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Interdisciplinary Journal of Education ResearchEducation Research and Rural Community Development Forum (ERRCDF)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Interdisciplinary Journal of Rural and Community StudiesEducation Research and Rural Community Development Forum (ERRCDF)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Interdisciplinary Journal of Sociality StudiesEducation Research and Rural Community Development Forum (ERRCDF)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Educor Multidisciplinary JournalEducor Holdings (EH)ZAOrganization
VectorEE publishersNoneNone
PositionITEE PublishersNoneNone
EnergizeEE Publishers (Pty)LtdNoneNone
EngineerITEE Publishers (Pty) Ltd P O Box 458, Muldersdrift, 1747, Gauteng, South Africa Plot 110, Bokmakierie Road, Nooitgedac...NoneNone
Egyptian Journal of ImmunologyEgyptian Association of ImmunologistsEGInstitute/Society/Association
Molecular Diagnosis and VaccinesEgyptian Association of ImmunologistsEGInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer InstituteEgyptian National Cancer InstituteEGInstitute/Society/Association
Review of Development FinanceElsevierNoneCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of BotanyElsevierNoneCommercial Publisher
Journal of Engineering, Design and TechnologyEmeraldNoneCommercial Publisher
Meditari : Research Journal of the School of Accounting SciencesEmeraldNoneCommercial Publisher
QuaggaEndangered Wildlife TrustNoneNone
Journal of Energy in Southern AfricaEnergy Research Centre (ERC)ZABureau/Centre
Energy management newsEnergy Research Centre, UCTZABureau/Centre
Ensovoort : Tydskrif vir Kultuurstudies/ Journal for Cultural StudiesEnsovoort Society Posbus 30314 Wonderboomport, ...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
African EntomologyEntomological Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
New groundEnvironmental and Development Agency (South Africa)NoneNone
South African Journal of Environmental Law and PolicyEnvironmental Law AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern African Journal of Environmental EducationEnvironmental Learning Research Centre & Environmental Education Association of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Clinical neurosciences: the journal of psychiatric and neurological medicineErasmusrand [Pretoria] : Chapter House,NoneNone
Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South AfricaErgonomics Society of South Africa, Department of human Kinetics & Ergonomics ...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
WaliaEthiopian Wildlife and Natural History SocietyETInstitute/Society/Association
Tanzania Journal of Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Agriculture, Sokoine University of AgricultureNoneNone
Lagos Notes and RecordsFaculty of Arts, University of Lagos, NigeriaNGUniversity
Journal of Ethiopian LawFaculty of Law, Addis Ababa UniversityETUniversity
Responsa meridianaFaculty of Law, University of Cape TownNoneNone
Chamber digest / Durban chamber of commerce and industryFamous PublishingNoneNone
South African lapidary magazineFederation of South African Gem and Mineralogical SocietiesNoneNone
Investing abroadFlorida Glen (PO Box 1145, Florida Glen 1708) : Offshore News CorpNoneNone
Christian ForumFlorida (PO Box 44, Florida 1710) : Church of the NazareneZAOrganization
Graphic repro & printFlorida : Trivisual,NoneNone
InkanyisoForum PressZACommercial Publisher
ArchimedesFoundation for Education, Science, and Technology (South Africa)ZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
CruxFoundation for Education, Science, and Technology (South Africa)ZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Journal of MarketingFuture PublishingNoneNone
The Bulletin of agricultural research in BotswanaGaborone, Botswana : Dept. of Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture,NoneNone
Smart investorGardenview (PO Box 751313, Gardenview 2047) : Protocol Pub.,NoneNone
Internet @ccess AfricaGardenview (PO Box 751313, Gardenview 2047) : ProtovendNoneNone
Contemporary labour lawGavin Brown & AssociatesNoneNone
FamiliaGenealogical Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Tydskrif vir volkskunde en volkstaalGenootschap vir Afrikaanse VolkskundeNoneNone
Annals of the Geological SurveyGeological Survey (South Africa)NoneNone
Plastics southern AfricaGeorge Warman & Co.,ZACommercial Publisher
Specialist updateGeorge Warman PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Corrosion & coatings South AfricaGeorge Warman Publications (Pty) LtdNoneNone
South African Journal of GeologyGeoScienceWorldZAInstitute/Society/Association
Ghana Library JournalGhana Library associationGHInstitute/Society/Association
Die KerkbladGKSANoneNone
Understanding oncologyGlenbarr PublishersNoneNone
Scientific Papers of the Namib Desert Research StationGobabeb Training and Research CentreNoneNone
Journal of industriesGovernment Print. and Stationery OfficeNoneNone
Grace and Truth - A Journal of Catholic Reflection for Southern AfricaGrace and TruthZAOrganization
Annals of the Eastern Cape museumsGrahamstown, South Africa : Directorate of Museums and Heritage Resources of the Eastern Cape Province at the Albany ...NoneNone
Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums: Natural HistoryGrahamstown, South Africa : Published jointly by the Cape provincial museums at the Albany MuseumZAMuseum
Your pregnancy: the essential guideGrant Park (PO Box 95312, Grant Park 2051) : Alchemy PubZACommercial Publisher
Fiscal handbookGrant ThorntonNoneNone
Hospital suppliesGreenside [Johannesburg] : Cannon CommunicationsNoneNone
Local government in southern AfricaGreenside : Melton PublicationsNoneNone
SA flyerGuy LeitchNoneNone
SA bassHannes LindequeNoneNone
Dermatology in practiceHayward Group LtdNoneNone
African Journal of Thoracic and Critical Care MedicineHealth and Medical Publishing Group (pty) Ltd. ZACommercial Publisher
African Journal of Health Profession EducationHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Bioethics and LawHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Child HealthHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologyHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZAOrganization
South African Journal of PsychiatryHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Sports MedicineHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of SurgeryHealth & Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)ZACommercial Publisher
Southern African Journal of Critical CareHealth & Medical Publishing Group Private Bag X1, Pinelands, 7430 ...ZACommercial Publisher
HST updateHealth Systems TrustNoneNone
South African Health ReviewHealth Systems TrustZATrust
South African journal of natural medicineHeldervue, South Africa : Dreamcatcher,NoneNone
ArmaHeraldry Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Focus on hiking & backpackingHiking Federation of Southern Africa.NoneNone
HistoriaHistorical Association of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Tanzania ZamaniHistorical Association of Tanzania/History Department, University of Dar-es-SalaamNoneNone
Looking back -Historical Society of Port ElizabethHistorical Society of Port Elizabeth and Walmer.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Heritage of ZimbabweHistory Society of ZimbabweZWInstitute/Society/Association
CME : Your SA Journal of CPDHMPGNoneNone
South African Journal of DiabetesHomestead Publishing (Pty) LtdNoneNone
BondWiseHoneydew (PO Box 2690, Honeydew 2040) : Collection MediaNoneNone
De KatHoughton : De Kat,NoneNone
South African industryHoughton : ION Publishers,NoneNone
Citrus & subtropical fruit journal Houghton, S. Africa: Lorton PublicationsNoneNone
HealHout Bay [Cape Town] : Heal Publications,NoneNone
Southern African Journal of GerontologyHSRC/UCT Centre for Gerontology, University of Cape Town Medical SchoolNoneNone
Bulletin - Huguenot Society of South AfricaHuguenot Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africa Institute Occasional PaperHuman Sciences Research CouncilZAResearch Council/Council/Group/Academy
In focus forumHuman Sciences Research CouncilZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Cutting edgeIADDNoneNone
Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge SystemsIAJIKSZAUniversity
GeotechniqueICE PublishingNoneNone
Gender and BehaviourICPS Ife Center for Psychological StudiesNoneNone
IFE PsychologlA: An International JournalICPS Ife Center for Psychological StudiesNoneNone
IMFO: Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance OfficersIMFONoneNone
FA news - Financial advisers newsindependent financial adviser : mouthpiece of the Insurance Brokers Council of South Africa = onafhanklike finansiële...NoneNone
The Independent Journal of Teaching and LearningIndependent Institute of Education (IIE)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA Journal of Accounting ResearchIndependent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA); South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA); Southern ...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Independent educationIndependent Schools Association of South AfricaNoneNone
Industrial democracy reviewIndustrial Democracy Programme, Faculty of Management, University of the WitwatersrandZAUniversity
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic reviewInfixion MediaZACommercial Publisher
South African Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic ReviewInfixion MediaNoneNone
African PrinterInfixion Media (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
Food Manufacturing AfricaInfixion Media (Pty) LtdNoneNone
GraphixInfixion Media (Pty) LtdNoneNone
Packaging Review South AfricaInfixion Media (Pty) LtdNoneNone
Perspectives -University of the Western CapeInformation and Publications Section, Office for Development and Public Affairs, University of the Western Cape,NoneNone
African Journal of PsychiatryIn House Publication P.O.Box 412748, Craighall 2024, Johannesburg, ...ZACommercial Publisher
Annals of Oncology - SA EditionIn House publicationsZACommercial Publisher
Obstetrics and Gynaecology ForumIn House PublicationsNoneNone
South African Gastroenterology ReviewIn House PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
On TapIn House PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
New Agenda : South African Journal of Social and Economic PolicyInstitute for African Alternatives (IFAA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal of Democracy and GovernanceInstitute for Democracy, Governance, Peace and Development in Africa (IDGPA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Media Tenor SA Research JournalInstitute for Media AnalysisNoneNone
Arms Control : AfricaInstitute for Security StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Institute for Security Studies MonographsInstitute for Security StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Institute for Security Studies PapersInstitute for Security StudiesNoneNone
SA Crime QuarterlyInstitute for Security Studies (ISS)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Small arms proliferation and Africa - newsletterInstitute for Security Studies (South Africa)NoneNone
English in AfricaInstitute for the Study of English in AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Contemporary Journal of African StudiesInstitute of African StudiesGHUniversity
Institute of African Studies Research ReviewInstitute of African Studies, University of GhanaNoneNone
Pharos Journal of TheologyInstitute of Afro-Hellenic StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
ModusInstitute of Architects, Eastern Cape CommitteeZAInstitute/Society/Association
The AccountantInstitute of Commercial and Financial Accountants of Southern Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Tanzania Journal of Development StudiesInstitute of Development StudiesNoneNone
Professional management reviewInstitute of Marketing Management.NoneNone
Media Tenor International - now incorporating Media Tenor SAInstitute of Media AnalysisNoneNone
Journal of the Institute of Mine Surveyors of South AfricaInstitute of Mine Surveyors of South africaZAInstitute/Society/Association
CIGFARO Journal (Chartered Institute of Government Finance Audit and Risk Officers)Institute of Municipal Finance OfficersZAInstitute/Society/Association
The South African treasurerInstitute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants, South Africa.NoneNone
Park and recreation managementInstitute of Park and Recreation ManagementNoneNone
Pensions worldInstitute of Pension and Provident Fund Trustees of Southern Africa.NoneNone
Community health in SAInstitute of Public Health (South Africa); Health Officers Association of South-AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Certificated engineerInstitution of Certified Mechanical and Electrical EngineersZAInstitute/Society/Association
IMIESAInstitution of Municipal Engineering of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
FidelitasInstituut van Administrateurs van Gemeenskapsaangeleenthede van die Republiek van SA.NoneNone
Iswen-kommunikasieInstituut vir Sendingwetenskaplike Navorsing. University of Pretoria.ZAUniversity
RACA journal: refrigeration & airconditioning
South African Journal of Antarctic ResearchInternational Council of Scientific Unions. Scientific Committee on Antarctic ResearchNoneNone
International Journal for Religious FreedomInternational Institute for Religious FreedomZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Music: Journal of the International Library of African MusicInternational Library of African Music (ILAM)ZALibrary
International Sportmed JournalINT FEDERATION SPORTS MEDICINENoneNone
Investment Analysts JournalInvestment Analysts Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA jewellery newsISIKHOVA Publishing and CommunicationsNoneNone
Journal of Information Technology in Construction ITcon is published by CIB and indexed in ICONDA and the ITC Digital LibraryNoneNone
ITWeb brainstormITWeb LimitedNoneNone
African Natural HistoryIziko Museums of South AfricaZAMuseum
SA wild & jag = SA game & huntJan Louis Enterprises CCNoneNone
Lig vir elke ChristenJB Media ConnectionNoneNone
SA jewellery newsJewellery Council of South Africa.NoneNone
Ethiopian Journal of Health SciencesJimma UniversityETUniversity
BuildingJohannesburg : Avonwold,NoneNone
Industrial managementJohannesburg : Barry Publications,NoneNone
EnterpriseJohannesburg : Black Enterprise Pub. and MarketingNoneNone
African law reviewJohannesburg : Black Lawyers Association Legal Education CentreZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Archives of Opthalmology = Suid-Afrikaanse Argief Vir OftalmologieJohannesburg, Blindness Research FoundationNoneNone
South African transportJohannesburg : Bolton PublicationsNoneNone
Drilling newsJohannesburg : Brooke PatrickNoneNone
The urban green fileJohannesburg : Brooke Pattrick EnvironmentalNoneNone
BIT magazineJohannesburg : Core ApplicationsNoneNone
Quantum : the journal for the electronics professinalJohannesburg : Crown.NoneNone
Small business world: committed to small business growthJohannesburg : Damont PublishersNoneNone
Education practiceJohannesburg : Gauteng Department of EducationZAGovernment
Between the chainsJohannesburg Historical Foundation.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
iMpilo enhle = Better lifeJohannesburg : Jacana EducationZACommercial Publisher
Witwatersrand University student law reviewJohannesburg : Law Students Council and School of Law of the University of the WitwatersrandZAUniversity
CEO: celebrating excellence in operationsJohannesburg : MalnorNoneNone
Parking SAJohannesburg : MalnorNoneNone
Insurance and taxJohannesburg : MDR PublicationsNoneNone
Road transport review[Johannesburg] : Neil Bolton Publications,NoneNone
PaceJohannesburg : Pace-Maker (Pty.) LtdNoneNone
Timbila: spirit of AfricaJohannesburg : Penta Publications in association with South African National Parks,NoneNone
MagnumJohannesburg (PO Box 4324, Johannesburg 2000NoneNone
Digital mediaJohannesburg (PO Box 8147, Johannesburg 2000) : Panda Pub.,NoneNone
Tax Breaks NewsletterJohannesburg : PresconNoneNone
Transport managementJohannesburg : Prescon PubNoneNone
Southern Africa shipping newsJohannesburg, Primedia Pub.NoneNone
SesameJohannesburg] : Renoster Books,NoneNone
African energy journalJohannesburg : Resource PublicationsZAOrganization
Aambeeld : opinieblad van die Randse Afrikaanse UniversiteitJohannesburg, Skakelafdeling, Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit.ZAUniversity
StyleJohannesburg, South Africa : CTP Ltd.NoneNone
Vision of wildlife, ecotourism and the environmentJohannesburg, South Africa : Endangered Wildlife Trust,ZATrust
International affairs bulletinJohannesburg : South African Institute of International AffairsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Marketing mixJohannesburg, South Africa : Systems PublishersNoneNone
Work in progressJohannesburg, South Africa : Work in ProgressNoneNone
Birding in southern AfricaJohannesburg : Southern African Ornithological Society, 1989-ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern Africa ReportJohannesburg : Southern Africa Report Association,NoneNone
SpecifierJohannesburg : SpecifileNoneNone
TAXtalkJohannesburg : TAXtalkNoneNone
Computing SAJohannesburg : ThomsonNoneNone
South African Journal of Hospital MedicineJohannesburg : ThomsonNoneNone
South African mining, coal, gold & base mineralsJohannesburg : ThomsonNoneNone
RailwaysJohannesburg, Thomson Publications South AfricaNoneNone
PeopleJohannesburg : Times Media,NoneNone
Transvaal Educational newsJohannesburg : Transvaal Teachers' Association,NoneNone
Trees in South AfricaJohannesburg : Vereniging van Boomvriende in Suidelike AfrikaZAInstitute/Society/Association
VitaeJohannesburg : Vitae Insurance Publ,NoneNone
Women's health news and viewsJohannesburg : WHPNoneNone
WHP review: the quarterly journal of Women's Health projectJohannesburg : WHP, Women's Health projectNoneNone
Wood southern AfricaJohannesburg : Yellowwood PublicationsNoneNone
The Furrow = PloegvoerJohn DeereNoneNone
Acta JuridicaJutaZACommercial Publisher
African Yearbook on International Humanitarian LawJutaZACommercial Publisher
Annual Survey of South African LawJutaZACommercial Publisher
Journal of South African Law / Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse RegJutaZACommercial Publisher
Juta's South African journal of propertyJutaZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Criminal JusticeJutaZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal on Human RightsJutaZACommercial Publisher
South African Law JournalJutaZACommercial Publisher
Stellenbosch Law ReviewJutaZACommercial Publisher
Constitutional Court ReviewJUTAZACommercial Publisher
Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional LawJuta and Company - Law JournalsZACommercial Publisher
SADC Law JournalJuta and Company (Pty) Ltd for SADC Law Journal TrustZACommercial Publisher
Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd (Juta's Law Journals)ZACommercial Publisher
Iilwandle zethu: Journal of Ocean Law and Governance in AfricaJuta and Company (Pty) Ltd (Juta's Law Journals)ZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Comparative Law in AfricaJuta and Company (Pty) Ltd (Juta's Law Journals)ZACommercial Publisher
South African Intellectual Property Law JournalJuta and Company (Pty) Ltd (Juta's Law Journals)ZACommercial Publisher
Industrial Law Journal including Industrial Law ReportsJuta & Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University of the WitwatersrandZACommercial Publisher
Nursing RSAJuta & Co. Ltd.,NoneNone
Juta's Business LawJuta LawZACommercial Publisher
Juta's insurance law bulletinJuta LawZACommercial Publisher
Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law and PracticeJuta LawZACommercial Publisher
SA Mercantile LawJuta & UNISA PressZACommercial Publisher
ElektronKelvin PublicationsNoneNone
SA builderKen NortjeNoneNone
Kenya Past and PresentKenya Museum SocietyKEInstitute/Society/Association
FlowKloof, Natal : Communications Group, Technical Press Division,NoneNone
Hi-tech security systemsKloof, Natal : Technique,NoneNone
Computer graphicsKloof [South Africa] : Technique Pub.,NoneNone
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship = Koers : Bulletin vir Christelike WetenskapKoers AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Wing nut : monthly magazine about birds for people = maandelikse tydskrif oor voëls vir mense.Krugersdorp North : Wing Nut Publications,NoneNone
African InvertebratesKwa-Zulu-Natal MuseumZAMuseum
Southern African HumanitiesKwaZulu-Natal MuseumZAMuseum
RecoveryKwaZulu-Natal Programme for the Survivors of Violence.; Practical Ministries (South Africa)NoneNone
WildsideKZN Nature Conservation Service, Malvern (PO Box 28437, Malvern 4055) : Norfolk Pub.,NoneNone
African Journal for Physical Activity and Health SciencesLAM Publications LimitedZACommercial Publisher
De RebusLaw Society of South Africa / LexisNexisZACommercial Publisher
The African Journal of Information and CommunicationLearning Information and Knowledge (LINK) Centre Graduate School of Public and Develo...ZAResearch council/council/group
Ons eieLeeudoringstad -Suid-Westelike Transvaalse Landboukoöperasie.NoneNone
Metamorphosis : journal of the Lepidopterists' Society of AfricaLepidopterists' Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Tax planning: corporate & personalLexis NexisNoneNone
De JureLexis Nexis ZACommercial Publisher
Income tax reporterLexisNexisZACommercial Publisher
Property Law DigestLexisNexis South AfricaZACommercial Publisher
Litnet Akademies : 'n Joernaal vir die Geesteswetenskappe, Natuurwetenskappe, Regte en GodsdienswetenskappeLitNetZACommercial Publisher
African businessLondon-IC PublicationsGBCommercial Publisher
Southern African Review of BooksLondon : R. Vicat Ltd.,NoneNone
The African communistLondon, South African Communist Party,NoneNone
Eye on AfricaLynnwood Ridge : ATI ProductsNoneNone
MatlhasediMafikeng : University of BophuthatswanaNoneNone
The magistrateMagistrates' Association of South Africa and South West Africa.; Magistrates' Association of South Africa.NoneNone
Government digestMalnorNoneNone
Writers' ringManaba Beach, Margate : Hobby PressNoneNone
Journal of Management & Administration MANCOSANoneNone
RDP visionMarshalltown, Johannesburg : Gauteng Provincial GovernmentZAGovernment
Accountancy and Finance Update: Africa's journal for financial professionalsMayville [Durban] : ButterworthsZACommercial Publisher
Vetmed magazineMD Publications, PO Box 308, Magalliessig, 2067ZACommercial Publisher
The Specialist forummedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
Fair ladyMedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
FeminaMedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
HuisgenootMedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
Laboratory Marketing SpectrumMedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
SA cardiology & stroke journalMedia 24ZACommercial Publisher
DrumMedia24ZACommercial Publisher
Finweek - AfrikaansMedia24ZACommercial Publisher
Finweek - EnglishMedia24ZACommercial Publisher
Leading Architecture & DesignMedia24ZACommercial Publisher
Coatings SAMedia 24 Magazines Business &Custom5 Protea Place, 3rd Floor, SandtonTel: 011-217-3210Fax: 086-271-4275ZACommercial Publisher
Koringfokus = Wheat focusMEDIACOM CCNoneNone
PublicoMedia Services Division, Office of the Commission for AdministrationNoneNone
Malawi Medical JournalMedical Association of MalawiMWInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes in South AfricaMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
South African Family PracticeMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Clinical NutritionMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and AnalgesiaMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
Southern African Journal of Gynaecological OncologyMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
Southern African Journal of Infectious DiseasesMedpharmZACommercial Publisher
Professional Nursing TodayMedpharm PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
SA Pharmacist's AssistantMedpharm PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
SA Pharmaceutical journalMedpharm PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Transactions : Journal of the Colleges of Medicine of South AfricaMedpharm PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
South African General PractitionerMedpharm PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
British journal of anaesthesia: South African editionMedSpecNoneNone
AIDS analysis AfricaMetropolitan FoundationZAOrganization
Evidence Based Summaries in DentistryMidentistry CCZAOrganization
Journal of Minimum Intervention in DentistryMidentistry CCNoneNone
Dental Materials & Device RegisterMidentistry CCZAOrganization
Tels@LargeMidrand (Private Bag X35, Halfway House 1685) : [BSW-Data]ZACommercial Publisher
Tax ProfessionalMidrand: SAIPA;NoneNone
Journal of the Mine Ventilation Society of South AfricaMine Ventilation Society of South Africa, P.O. Box 93480, Yeoville, 2143, E-mail:; http://www....ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Occupational Health Southern AfricaMMPA, SAIOH, SASOHN; SASOMZAInstitute/Society/Association
EnergosMobil Oil South Africa, pty., ltd. Public Affairs DepartmentZAOrganization
Modern medicineModern Media Publishing (Pty) LtdNoneNone
Money NewsletterMoneywebNoneNone
Personal Finance NewsletterMoneywebNoneNone
Zimbabwe Law ReviewMount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe : Dept. of Law, University of ZimbabweZWUniversity
African Safety PromotionMRC & Unisa ISHS CPAZAResearch council/council/group
Msunduzi JournalMsunduzi and Ncome MuseumsZAMuseum
SAMUS : South African Music StudiesMusicological Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Clean Air Journal = Tydskrif vir Skoon LugNACANoneNone
Nomina Africana : Journal of the Names Society of Southern AfricaNames Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
MadoquaNamibia. Nature Conservation and Tourism BranchNAOrganization
Journal - Namibia Scientific SocietyNamibia Scientific Society.; South West Africa Scientific Society.NAInstitute/Society/Association
Indicator South AfricaNatal : Indicator Project South Africa, Centre for Applied Social Sciences, University of NatalNoneNone
NataliaNatal SocietyNoneNone
Nu PartnersNatal University Development FoundationZAUniversity
Natal University partners in developmentNatal University Development Foundation.NoneNone
NAPWA newslineNational Association of People Living with HIV/AIDSZAInstitute/Society/Association
Research by the National Cultural History MuseumNational Cultural History Museum (South Africa)ZAMuseum
Navorsinge van die Nasionale Museum : Researches of the National MuseumNational Museum (Bloemfontein)ZAMuseum
CulnaNational Museum NewsletterZAMuseum
CUSTOSNational Parks Board of South AfricaZAOrganization
Skills at Work: Theory and Practice JournalNational Skills Research Agency (NASRA)NoneNone
ZoönNational Zoological Gardens of South Africa.ZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Nedbank guide to the economyNedbank Group. Economic Unit.ZAOrganization
Nedcor guide to the economyNedcor Economic UnitZAOrganization
HervormerNederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika.ZAOrganization
ObiterNelson Mandela Metropolitan UniversityZAUniversity
New Coin PoetryNew Coin ISEA, Rhodes University PO Box 94 Grahamstown 6140 South Africa (or phone +27 46 6226093)NoneNone
South African Ophthalmology JournalNew Media, a division of Media24 (Pty)LtdZACommercial Publisher
Analytical ReporterNew Media PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Boeke-InsigNew Media PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Medical ChronicleNew Media Publishing JHB3rd floor, 5 Protea Place, SandtonPO Box 784698, Sandton, 2146ZACommercial Publisher
MoneyMarketingNew Media Publishing Johannesburg 5 Protea Place, 3rd Floor, Sandton, 2196 South AfricaNoneNone
PedMedNew Media Publishing (Pty) LtdNoneNone
NeotestamenticaNew Testament Society of Southern Africa (NTSSA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
TimeNew YorkNoneNone
Stellenbosch Theological JournalNGTT, Theology FacultyZAUniversity
Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied SciencesNigeria - Scholarlink Research InstituteNEInstitute/Society/Association
Research in Hospitality ManagementNISC (Pty) LtdZACommercial Publisher
Eastern African Literary and Cultural StudiesNISC (Pty) Ltd (Taylor & Francis)ZACommercial Publisher
Bulletin of the National Library of South AfricaNLSAZALibrary
Educational Research for Social Change (ESRC)NMMU Educational FacultyZAUniversity
Human resource managementNorthcliff, South Africa : Richard Havenga & AssociatesNoneNone
N.T.C.I. current affairs updateNorthern Transvaal Chamber of IndustriesNoneNone
The journal of Southern African tourismNorthlands : African Destination Pub.NoneNone
AV specialistNorthridingNoneNone
TD : The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern AfricaNorth-West UniversityZAUniversity
New ContreeNorth-West UniversityZAUniversity
Potchefstroom Electronic Law JournalNorth-West UniversityZAUniversity
Cotton SA KatoenNufarmer CCZAOrganization
South African Journal of Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy Association of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Oilseeds newsOilseeds Control BoardZAGovernment
PretorianaOld Pretoria Society.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
HR FutureOsgard MediaNoneNone
Marine Ornithology: An International Journal of Seabird Research and ConservationPacific Seabird GroupZAResearch council/council/group
SATS : South African theatre sisterPanorama : National Society of South African Theatre Sisters,ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Medical news tribuneParklands (PO Box 47277, Parklands 2121) : Medical News TribuneNoneNone
TributeParklands [South Africa] : Enosi PubNoneNone
Endangered wildlife: business, ecotourism and the environment : a visionParkview : Endangered Wildlife Trust,NoneNone
PixPaulshof, South Africa : DGR MediaNoneNone
Environmental Management Physical Address: New Media Publishing, 3rd Floor, 5 Protea Place, Sandton, 2196NoneNone
Positive outlookPietermaritzburg AIDS Action Group.NoneNone
Effective farmingPietermaritzburg : Effective FarmingNoneNone
NETmaster AfricaPinegowrie : FutureWave Media,NoneNone
Supply chain today[Pinegowrie] : Promech PublishingNoneNone
Vector electrical engineeringPinetown] (PO Box 311, Kloof 3640) : Technical Press Div., Communications GroupNoneNone
PINS: Psychology in SocietyPINSZAInstitute/Society/Association
Farmlink AfricaPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
SA HorsemanPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
SA Stud Breeder / SA StoettelerPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
VeeplaasPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Oilseeds FocusPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
Dié Rooi RasPlaas PublishingZACommercial Publisher
StockfarmPlaas Publishing cc Corobay Str 225, Waterkloof Glen, PretoriaNoneNone
Rubber southern AfricaPlastics and Rubber Institute. South African Section.; Institute of Materials. Polymer Division. South African Section.NoneNone
Plus 50Plus 50 Media (Pty) LtdNoneNone
African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and LeisurePO Box 21357. Helderkruin, 1733, 082267052ZA'Non fee publisher'
Southern African Journal of DemographyPopulation Association of Southern Africa & Statistics South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Bulletin - University of Port Elizabeth, Bureau for Mercantile LawPort Elizabeth : Bureau for Mercantile Law, University of Port Elizabeth, 1983-.ZAUniversity
Fokus 2000Potchefstroom : Dept. Fundamentele en Historiese Opvoedkunde, PU vir CHO,ZAUniversity
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South AfricaPPSAZAInstitute/Society/Association
Social Work Practice = Maatskaplikewerk-praktykPretoria : Afdeling Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling, Dept. OntwikkelingsbeplanningNoneNone
Paediatrics: the southern African journal of child and adolescent medicinePretoria : Chapter HouseNoneNone
EIS newsPretoria (c/o CSIR-Environmentek, PO Box 395, Pretoria 0001)ZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Roodeplaat bulletinPretoria : Departement van Landbou en WatervoorsieningZAGovernment
InformediaPretoria : Dept. of National Education. Communication DivisionZAGovernment
ArborPretoria : Dept. of Water Affairs and Forestry,ZAGovernment
SalusPretoria (Dept. van Gesondheid, Private Bag X88, Pretoria 0001)ZAGovernment
Welfare focus = Welsynsfokus :amptelike maatskaplikewerk-tydskrif van die Departement van Gesondheid, Welsyn en Pensi...Pretoria : Dept van Gesondheid, Welsyn en Pensioene,ZAGovernment
HoeveldfokusPretoria : Dept. van Landbou en VisseryeZAGovernment
Rehabilitation in SAPretoria : Dept. van Mannekrag. Nasionale OpleidingsraadZAGovernment
Vuka SAPretoria : Foundation for Education, Science, and TechnologyZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
AdvocatePretoria : General Council of the Bar of SAZAResearch council/Council/Group/Academy
Africa 2001: dialogue with the futurePretoria : Human Sciences Research Council, Centre for Science Development,ZAResearch Council/Council/Group/Academy
Agricultural newsPretoria : National Dept. of Agriculture, Directorate Communication,ZAGovernment
ProductivityPretoria : National Productivity InstituteNoneNone
InterACTPretoria (PO Box 1787, Brooklyn Square 0075) : Institute for Security StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Meta-info bulletinPretoria (Private Bag X122, Pretoria 0001) : Subdirektoraat Meta-inligtingNoneNone
Vista University research journalPretoria (Private Bag X634, Pretoria 0001) : Dept. of Institutional Development, Vista University,ZAUniversity
NuntiusPretoria : PromediaNoneNone
ProAgriPretoria : PromediaNoneNone
SABS Standards BulletinPretoria : SABSZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Aksent op …Pretoria: SA KommunikasiediensNoneNone
South African journal of physicsPretoria, South Africa : Bureau for Scientific Publications, Foundation for Education, Science and TechnologyNoneNone
Iscor newsPretoria, South African Iron and Steel Industrial CorpZAOrganization
SA Archives JournalPretoria : South African Society of ArchivistsNoneNone
SpectrumPretoria, South Africa : S.n.]NoneNone
Lyra academicaPretoria : StaatsdrukkerZAGovernment
MynwesePretoria : StaatsdrukkerZAGovernment
ChipsPretoria : Suid-Afrikaanse Landbou-unieNoneNone
Agrifokus = AgrifocusPretoria : Transvaal Agricultural Development Institute, Dept. of AgricultureZAGovernment
Media focusPretoria : Transvaalse Skoolmediavereniging,NoneNone
VITAL: Vista teaching and learningPretoria : Vista University. Department of Institutional Development,ZAUniversity
Almanak en Bybelse DagboekPretoria-Wes : Gutenberg BoekdrukkersZACommercial Publisher
What SA cellphone satellite InternetPretoria : What Media Pub.,NoneNone
African Journal of Emergency MedicineProduced and hosted by Elsevier for the African Federation for Emergency Medicine. Private bag X24, Bellville 7535, S...ZACommercial Publisher
Ghanaian Journal of EconomicsProf. Paul AlagidedeZAUniversity
Transformation : Critical Perspectives on Southern AfricaProject MuseZACommercial Publisher
SA mechanical engineerPromech PublishingNoneNone
Architect & specificatorPromech Publishing ccNoneNone
African Public Procurement Law JournalPublic Procurement Regulation Research UnitZAUniversity
Journal of forensic odonto-stomatologypublished: Adelaide, Australia. Electronic journal-Currently published in AustraliaNoneNone
SABI Magazine - TydskrifPublished by SABI (South African Irrigation Institute / Suid Afrikaanse Besproeiingsinstituut)NoneNone
International Journal of Shoulder SurgeryPublished by Wolters KluwerNoneNone
South African tax journalPublished on behalf of the Centre for Continuing Tax Education, University of the Witwatersrand by ButterworthNoneNone
Leadership in HIV/AIDSPublisher: New Africa Publications MagazinesNoneNone
African Disability Rights YearbookPULPZAUniversity Press
African Human Rights Law JournalPULPZAUniversity Press
The HexagonQueenstown & Frontier Historical Society,ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Voor-lopig: 'n Tydskrif vir die letterkunsteQueenswood [Pretoria] (PO Box 11112, Queenswood 0121) : BentNoneNone
Merino breeders' journalRam Breeders' Association (South Africa); Merino Stud Breeders Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
GetawayRamsay MediaZACommercial Publisher
Popular mechanicsRamsayMediaZACommercial Publisher
DealMakersRandburg (30 Tudor Park, 61 Hillcrest Ave., Blairgowrie 2194) : GleasonNoneNone
Specialist medicine: the forum for South African specialists.Randburg : Cannon CommunicationsNoneNone
Build aidRandburg : Emden PubZACommercial Publisher
Without PrejudiceRandburg : JetBlue,NoneNone
African sexology journalRandburg (PO Box 2433, Randburg 2125) : Cannon Medical MediaZACommercial Publisher
MactalkRandburg (PO Box 3998, Randburg 2125) : Maple Leaf Publications,ZACommercial Publisher
Medicine international: Southern African editionRandburg (PO Box 51930, Randburg 2125) : Medicine SA Journal in Association with Medical Education (International)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA gardenRandburg : PrimediaNoneNone
EntrepreneurRandburg : Smart Business SolutionsNoneNone
Business voiceRandburg, South Africa : Lord York Marketing,NoneNone
Bulletin for university teachers = Bulletin vir dosenteRandse Afrikaanse Universiteit.; Bureau for University Education.ZABureau/Centre
SpitsRandse Afrikaanse Universiteit. Dept. Afrikaans-NederlandsNoneNone
Journal of community and health sciencesRealmdigitalNoneNone
HTS : Theological StudiesReformed Theological College of the Netherdutch Reformed Church of Africa & Society for Practical Theology in South A...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Word and Action = Woord en DaadREMSANoneNone
African Journal of Farm Child and Youth DevelopmentResearch and Development Network of the Children-in-Agriculture Programme in Africa (CIAP-Africa), Nigeria HeadquartersNGOrganization
Business & Social Sciences JournalResearch Excellence Institute (REI)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
New South African outlookResearch Institute on Christianity in South Africa.; South African Council of Churches.NoneNone
Rhodes Journalism ReviewRhodes UniversityZAUniversity
Management TodayRichard Havenga & AssociatesNoneNone
SA tax reviewRivonia (PO Box 5186, Rivonia 2128) : Taxfax,NoneNone
PC magazine : Southern Africa.Rivonia, South Africa : Core Applications,NoneNone
South African commercial law journal[Roggebaai] : CLJ Publications,NoneNone
The South African company law journalRoggebaai, CLJ PublicationsNoneNone
Rootz AfricaRoggebaai : Uhuru CommunicationsNoneNone
PlanningRosebank [South Africa] : Avonwold Pub. Co.NoneNone
Current Writing : Text and Reception in Southern AfricaRoutledgeGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of imperial and commonwealth historyRoutledgeGBCommercial Publisher
South African Theatre JournalRoutledge: Taylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Africa journal of Pentecostal studiesRynfield, South Africa : Hebron Theological CollegeZAOrganization
UpbeatSACHED Trust (South Africa)ZATrust
SA fruit journalSA Fruit Journal (Pty)LtdNoneNone
South African Journal of PsychologySage JournalsNoneCommercial Publisher
Man MagnumSA Hunt PublishingNoneNone
Architecture South AfricaSA Institute of Architects (SAIA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of Music TherapySA Institute of Music TherapyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Zimbabwe engineerSalisbury- Rhodesian Institution of Engineers.ZWInstitute/Society/Association
Mining and engineeringSalisbury : Thomson Newspapers RhodesiaZWCommercial Publisher
ZambeziaSalisbury : University College of RhodesiaZWUniversity
Zimbabwe librarianSalisbury : Zimbabwe Library AssociationZWCommercial Publisher
South African literary reviewS A Literary Journal Ltd., Cape TownNoneNone
Bua!Salt River (PO Box 378, Salt River 7924)NoneNone
South African dermatology reviewSandton : Creative ConnexionNoneNone
Sandton Historical Association. Annual magazineSandton Historical AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
African connexionSandton : Impala PublishersZACommercial Publisher
Keeping trackSandton : Penta PublicationsNoneNone
Garden guideSandton (PO Box 784698, Sandton 2146) : PrimediaNoneNone
Quarrying SASandton (PO Box 784698, Sandton 2146) : Primedia PubNoneNone
Natural essentialsSandton : PrimediaNoneNone
Chemical worldSandton : Primedia PubZACommercial Publisher
South African gardeningSandton : Primedia Pub.,NoneNone
South African paediatric reviewSandton [South Africa] : Creative ConnexionNoneNone
South African aesthetic reviewSandton [South Africa] : Creative Connexion,NoneNone
South African urology & gynaecology reviewSandton [South Africa : SA Medical ReviewsNoneNone
AIDS scanSanlam AIDS Media Resource Centre.; Planned Parenthood Association of Southern Africa.ZAOrganization
Investment reviewSanlamhof : Sanlam Asset ManagementNoneNone
Just AfricaSARP PublishersZACommercial Publisher
Journal of the Southern African Society for Horticultural SciencesSASHS, StellenboschZAInstitute/Society/Association
NUE commentSaxonwold, South Africa : The UnionNoneNone
African Human Mobility ReviewScalabrini Insititute For Human Mobility in AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management SciencesScholarlink Research InstituteUSInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy StudiesScholarlink Research InstituteUSInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Educational StudiesSchool of Human and Social Sciences University of Venda for Science & Technology ...ZAUniversity
Bulletin for contextual theology in Southern Africa & AfricaSchool of Theology, University of NatalZAUniversity
Security focusSecurity Association of South Africa.NoneNone
Shakespeare in Southern AfricaShakespeare Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Business Tax and Company Law QuarterlySiber Ink PublishersZACommercial Publisher
RestoricaSimon van der Stel FoundationNoneNone
South African GeographerSociety for the Teaching of Geography. StellenboschZAInstitute/Society/Association
Medical Technology SASociety of Medical Laboratory Technologists of South Africa (SMLTSA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African RadiographerSociety of Radiographers of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Millennium magazineSouth Africa : Churchill Murray Publications (Pty) Ltd.NoneNone
EducamusSouth Africa. Department of Education and TrainingZAGovernment
MasiphileSouth Africa. Department of Health.NoneNone
Fiat luxSouth Africa. Department of Indian Affairs.; South Africa. Administration: House of Delegates. Department of Educatio...NoneNone
My careerSouth Africa. Department of LabourZAGovernment
Education and Culture / Opvoeding en kultuurSouth Africa. Department of National Education.;ZAGovernment
South African deeds journalSouth Africa. Dept. of Land Affairs. Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds.; Justice College.ZAGovernment
Southern African Field ArchaeologySouth African Archaeological SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
The Digging StickSouth African Archaeological SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Archaeological BulletinSouth African Archaeology SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal for Language Teaching = Ijenali Yekufundzisa Lulwimi = Tydskrif vir TaalonderrigSouth African Association for Language Teaching (SAALT)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal for vocational and specialized education in South AfricaSouth African Association for Vocational and Specialized EducationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Art ventilatorSouth African Association of Arts.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Consumer Sciences South African Association of Family Ecology and Consumer Science (SAAFECS)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Public AdministrationSouth African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
ScenariaSouth African Association of Theatrical Managements.; Cape Performing Arts Board.; Natal Performing Arts CouncilZAInstitute/Society/Association
Annual journal of South African Association of Women GraduatesSouth African Association of Women GraduatesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of BRICS StudiesSouth African BRICS Think Tank, NIHSS & Department of Politics, UJZAUniversity Press
South African Journal of ChemistrySouth African Chemical InstituteZAInstitute/Society/Association
Chemical perspectiveSouth African Chemical Institute.; Chemical and Allied Industries' Association (South Africa)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Mining worldSouth African Coal Processing SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
ScientiaeSouth African Council for Scientific and Industrial ResearchZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
TI: Technical information for industrySouth African Council for Scientific and Industrial ResearchZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
ParatusSouth African Defence Force.NoneNone
Diabetes focusSouth African Diabetes AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African bee journalSouth African Federation of Beekeepers Associations. ; South African Association of Beekeepers.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Civil engineering & building contractorSouth African Federation of Civil Engineering ContractorsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Fire & civil defenceSouth African Fire Services Institute.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Fire, rescue & EMSSouth African Fire Services Institute.; Southern African Emergency Services InstituteZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern African Journal for Folklore StudiesSouth African Folklore Society (SAFOS)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern African Geophysical ReviewSouth African Geophysical Association,ZAInstitute/Society/Association
JARD: the journal of age related disordersSouth African Geriatrics Society.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA HeartSouth African Heart AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
SAIEE Africa Research JournalSouth African Insitute of Electrical EngineersZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Rorschach journalSouth African Institute for Rorschach and Other Projective MethodsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Agricultural engineering in South AfricaSouth African Institute of Agricultural EngineersZAInstitute/Society/Association
The Professional builderSouth African Institute of BuildingZAInstitute/Society/Association
ChemSASouth African Institute of Chemical EngineersZAInstitute/Society/Association
Promat newsSouth African Institute of Materials HandlingNoneNone
O & MSouth African Institute of Organization and Methods.NoneNone
People dynamicsSouth African Institute of People Management (IPM)NoneNone
Professional AccountantSouth African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), Richard LendrumNoneNone
SpotlightSouth African Institute of Race Relations.NoneNone
South African Journal of Chemical EngineeringSouth African Institution of Chemical EngineersZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering = Joernaal van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Siviel...South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Jewish affairsSouth African Jewish Board of DeputiesNoneNone
Notices : the South African Mathematical SocietySouth African Mathematical SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
SAMJ - South African Medical JournalSouth African Medical Association ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern African Journal of Public Health incorporating Strengthening Health SystemsSouth African Medical Association NPCZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African health technology monitorSouth African Medical Research Council.; Health Technology Research Group.NoneNone
MilmedSouth African Medical Service. Section Public Relations.NoneNone
South African Museums Association BulletinSouth African Museums AssociationNoneNone
Res MusicaeSouth African Music CouncilNoneNone
Flowering Plants of AfricaSouth African National Biodiversity Insitute, Private Bag X101, Pretoria, 0001 ...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Museum reviewSouth African National Museum of Military History.NoneNone
Military history journalSouth African National Museum of Military History.; South African Military History SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Orchids South Africa: yearbookSouth African Orchid CouncilNoneNone
SA Orthopaedic JournalSouth African Orthopaedic AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
The South African insurance magazineSouth African Registered Insurance Brokers Association.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Regulator: the official newsletter of the South African Regulators' ForumSouth African Regulators' ForumZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of Agricultural ExtensionSouth African Society for Agricultural Extension (SASAE)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of Animal ScienceSouth African Society for Animal ScienceZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of Cultural HistorySouth African Society for Cultural HistoryZAInstitute/Society/Association
Yesterday & TodaySouth African Society for History Teaching (SASHT)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Journal of Enology and ViticultureSouth African Society for Viticulture and EnologyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of the South African Society of ArchivistsSouth African Society of ArchivistsZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Archives JournalSouth African Society of Archivists.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Bulletin - South African Spelaeological AssociationSouth African Spelaeological Association.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Auditing SASouth African Statistical AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Statistical JournalSouth African Statistical AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African livestock breedingSouth African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association.NoneNone
Education journalSouth African Teachers' Association.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Conspectus : The Journal of the South African Theological SeminarySouth African Theological SeminaryZAOrganization
The South African Respiratory JournalSouth African Thoracic SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
ManSouth African Vegetarian Union.NoneNone
Climate Summary of South AfricaSouth African Weather ServiceZAGovernment
Golden fleeceSouth African Wool BoardNoneNone
SAWTRI bulletinSouth African Wool Textile Research Institute of the CSIRNoneNone
OrientationSouth Africa : Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher EducationZAUniversity
Acta Germanica: German studies in AfricaSouthern African Association of German StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Sabita digestSouthern African Bitumen Association - Roggebaai (PO Box 6946, Roggebaai 8012) : SabitaNoneNone
Southern African Review of Education with Education with ProductionSouthern African Comparative and History Education Society (SACHES)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SAIE & ES fast track newsSouthern African Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists.NoneNone
Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing ResearchSouthern African Institute of Government AuditorsZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and MetallurgySouthern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Steel constructionSouthern African Institute of Steel ConstructionNoneNone
Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Mission StudiesSouthern African Missiological SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Southern African Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, TheSouthern African Society for Medieval and Renaissance StudiesZAInstitute/Society/Association
Fundamina : A Journal of Legal HistorySouthern African Society of Legal HistoriansZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal of Wildlife ResearchSouthern African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
FacetsSouth West Africa. Administration for Whites. Education Branch.NoneNone
FasetteSouth West Africa. Administration for Whites. Education Branch.NoneNone
NamibianaSouth West Africa Scientific Society.NoneNone
Paper southern AfricaSpecialist Press Association (South Africa)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Urban ForumSpringer open choiceNoneNone
Money StandardStandard Bank of South Africa Limited (1962- )ZAOrganization
Bulletin of StatisticsStatistics SAZAGovernment
Metering internationalSteenberg, South Africa : Scarborough PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Stellenbosse studentStellenbosch : Universiteit StellenboschZAUniversity
Journal of Northwest Semitic LanguagesStellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and RecreationStellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
South African Journal of Business ManagementStellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
Journal of Emerging African ScholarshipStellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
Religion and DevelopmentStellenbosch UniversityZAUniversity
Journal for Studies in Economics and EconometricsStellenbosch University & Bureau for Economic ResearchZABureau/Centre
South African Journal of Higher EducationStellenbosch University & UNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Service delivery reviewSTE PublishersNoneNone
Joernaal vir etiese medisyneStigting van Etiese Medisyne (South Africa)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Klasgids: By die Studie van die Afrikaanse Taal en LetterkundeStigting vir Onderwys, Wetenskap en TegnologieNoneNone
Armed forcesStrategic PublicationsZACommercial Publisher
Delivery : the magazine for local governmentString CommunicationNoneNone
Tydskrif vir GeesteswetenskappeSuid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en KunsZAResearch council/council/group
Journal of pedagogicsSuid-Afrikaanse Buro vir Rasse-Aangeleenthede.ZABureau/Centre
Tydskrif vir Rasse-Aangeleenthede / Journal of Racial AffairsSuid-Afrikaanse Buro vir Rasse-Aangeleenthede / South African Bureau of Racial AffairsZABureau/Centre
UnieSuid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie.NoneNone
RSA 2000: dialogue with the futureSuid-Afrikaanse Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing, Instituut vir NavorsingsontwikkelingZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
RTVSuid-Afrikaanse Uitsaaikorporasie : South African Broadcasting CorporationNoneNone
Vir die MusiekleierSuider-Afrikaanse Kerkorrelistevereniging (SAKOV)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Tydskrif vir Nederlands en AfrikaansSuider-Afrikaanse Vereniging vir NeerlandistiekZAInstitute/Society/Association
Wynboer technical yearbookSuider-Paarl [South Africa] : WineLand,NoneNone
Wineland = WynlandSuider-Paarl : [VinPro (SA), KWVNoneNone
Trends in NursingSun JournalsZAUniversity
African East-Asian AffairsSUNJournalsZALibrary
African journal of Business ethicsSUNJournalsZALibrary
ORiON SUNJournalsZALibrary
Per Linguam : a Journal of Language Learning = Per Linguam : Tydskrif vir TaalaanleerSUNJournalsZALibrary
Scientia Militaria : South African Journal of Military StudiesSUNJournalsZALibrary
Scriptura : International Journal of Bible, Religion and Theology in Southern AfricaSUNJournalsZALibrary
Social Work/Maatskaplike WerkSUNJournalsZALibrary
South African Journal of Industrial EngineeringSUNJournalsZALibrary
South African Journal of Libraries and Information ScienceSUNJournalsZALibrary
Stellenbosch Papers in LinguisticsSUNJournalsZALibrary
Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics PlusSUNJournalsZALibrary
Transactions of the Centre for Business LawSUN MeDIA BloemfonteinZAUniversity Press
Complementary medicineSunninghill : Helm Pub. SA,NoneNone
Finance AfricaSunnyside [Pretoria] : Skyad International,NoneNone
NaturaSwartklip [Tvl.] : Eddie YoungNoneNone
TFM MagazineSweetChilli CommunicationsZACommercial Publisher
Journal of the Musical Arts in AfricaTalyor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Tanzania Dental JournalTanzanian Dental AssociationTZInstitute/Society/Association
Professional cleaningTA Publications,NoneNone
EPM: environmental planning and managementTaylor and FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
African StudiesTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Strategic Studies : A Journal of the Southern Bureau of Strategic Studies TrustTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Politikon : South African Journal of Political StudiesTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Safundi : the Journal of South African and American StudiesTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
SAHARA : Journal of Social Aspects of HIV / AIDS Research AllianceTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Social Dynamics : A Journal of African StudiesTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
South African Geographical Journal = Suid-Afrikaanse Geografiese TydskrifTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of International AffairsTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of the African Literature AssociationTaylor & FrancisGBCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of African LanguagesTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Aids ResearchTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Aquatic ScienceTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Marine ScienceTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Range and Forage ScienceTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and DevelopmentTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
African ZoologyTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Anthropology Southern AfricaTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental HealthTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Psychology in AfricaTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Quaestiones MathematicaeTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Philosophy = Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir WysbegeerteTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of Plant and SoilTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language StudiesTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Southern Forests : A Journal of Forest ScienceTaylor & Francis & NISCGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Southern African studiesTaylor & Francis OnlineGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Contemporary African StudiesTaylor & Francis Online, .GBCommercial Publisher
Muziki : Journal of Music Research in AfricaTaylor & Francis & Unisa PressGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of HerpetologyTaylor & Francis / Unisa PressGBCommercial Publisher
Africa Education ReviewTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
African Historical ReviewTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology EducationTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
African Journalism StudiesTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
African Security ReviewTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender EquityTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
AgrekonTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Communicatio : South African Journal for Communication Theory and ResearchTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural and Media StudiesTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Economic History of Developing RegionsTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Education as ChangeTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
English Academy Review : Southern African Journal of English StudiesTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
English studies in AfricaTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Journal of Literary StudiesTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Language Matters : Studies in the Languages of Southern AfricaTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Philosophical PapersTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Scrutiny2 : Issues in English Studies in Southern AfricaTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
South African Historical JournalTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
South African Review of SociologyTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressGBCommercial Publisher
Transactions of the Royal Society of South AfricaTaylor & Francis & UNISA PressNoneCommercial Publisher
The teacher: the monthly newspaper for educatorsTeacher Trust (South Africa); United States. Agency for International Development.NoneNone
Computer business review AfricaTechnewsNoneNone
Hi-tech security solutionsTechnews PublishingNoneNone
SA electronics buyer's guideTechnews Publishing (Pty) LtdNoneNone
TAPPSA journalTechnical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
PeritusTechnikon Pretoria. Bureau for Staff Development.NoneNone
Architect & builderTelephone: 021 683 3766 Facsimile: 021 671 7348 E-mail:
African Journal of RhetoricThe African Association for RhetoricZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of African Political Economy and DevelopmentThe African Finance & Economics ConsultZAOrganization
Ark: newsletter of the SA Association for Laboratory Animal ScienceThe AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Botswana Notes & RecordsThe Botswana SocietyBWInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Gender and Religion in AfricaThe Centre for Constructive Theology (CCT)ZABureau/Centre
Journal of Contemporary ManagementThe EditorZAResearch council/council/group
Rostrum : Newsletter of the Entomological Society of Southern AfricaThe Entomological Society of Southern AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Parks administrationThe Institute of Parks and Recreation AdministrationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Bulletin of the South African Cultural History MuseumThe MuseumZAMuseum
Old Testament Essays The Old Testament Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
OTWSAThe Old Testament Society of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Bulletin - Simon's Town Historical SocietyThe Simon's Town Historical SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Annals of the Grahamstown Historical SocietyThe SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Journal of Medical Laboratory Science and TechnologyThe Society of Medical LaboratoryTechnologist of South Africa (SMLTSA) ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Digging stickThe South African Archaeological SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
South African Dental JournalThe South African Dental AssociationZAInstitute/Society/Association
Accountancy SAThe South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, Integritas, 7 Zulberg Close, Bruma Lake, 2198ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Child Abuse Research in South AfricaThe South African Professional Society on the Abuse of ChildrenZAInstitute/Society/Association
Management Dynamics : Journal of the Southern African Institute for Management ScientistsThe Southern African Institute for Management ScientistsZAInstitute/Society/Association
AloeThe Succulent SocietyZAInstitute/Society/Association
Transvaal Museum MemoirsThe Transvaal Museum, PretoriaZAMuseum
Monographs of the Transvaal MuseumThe Transvaal Museum, PretoriaZAMuseum
Journal of Business and Public Dynamics for DevelopmentThe Turfloop Graduate School of LeadershipZAUniversity
Ostrich : Journal of African OrnithologyThomson & Reuters & NISCNoneCommercial Publisher
Truck & busTitan publications (P.O. Box 84056, Greenside 2034)NoneNone
Education bulletinTransvaal (South Africa). Education Department.ZAGovernment
Fauna & floraTransvaal (South Africa). Nature Conservation Division.ZAGovernment
AIDS bulletinTygerberg : Medical Research CouncilZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
MRC newsTygerberg : Medical Research CouncilZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Trauma reviewTygerberg : National Trauma Research Programme, MRCZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Urban health and development bulletinTygerberg : National Urbanisation and Health Research Programme of the Medical Research CouncilZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Urbanisation and health newsletterTygerberg [South Africa] : CERSA Centre for Epidemiological Research in Southern Africa, MRCZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
South African Labour BulletinUmanyano Publications (South African Labour Bulletin)
African Population StudiesUnion for African Population StudiesGHOrganization
The Retail and Marketing ReviewUNISAZAUniversity
AfricanusUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
CodicillusUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
Crime Research in South AfricaUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
International Retail and Marketing ReviewUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
Latin American ReportUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
Slavic Almanac : The South African Journal for Slavic, Central and Eastern European StudiesUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
TricTrac: Journal of World Mythology and FolkloreUnisa PressZAUniversity Press
De ArteUnisa Press ZAUniversity press
Gender QuestionsUNISA pressZAUniversity Press
Africa Journal of Nursing and MidwiferyUNISA PressZAUniversity press
African Review of Economics & FinanceUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Commonwealth Youth and DevelopmentUNISA PressZAUniversity press
Injury and Safety MonitorUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
International Journal of African Renaissance Studies : Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity, TheUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Journal for SemiticsUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Journal of Early Christian History : A Journal for the Study of Early Christianity and Late AntiquityUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
MousaionUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
MusicusUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
PhronimonUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
PoliteiaUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
ProgressioUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
The Social Work Practitioner-ResearcherUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Imbizo : International Journal of African Literary and Comparative StudiesUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
International Journal of Educational DevelopmentUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Journal of Law, Society and DevelopmentUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Oral History Journal of South AfricaUNISA PressZAUniversity Press
Boleswa Journal of Theology, Religion and PhilosophyUniversity of BotswanaBWUniversity
Boleswa Occasional Papers in Theology and ReligionUniversity of BotswanaBWUniversity
MosenodiUniversity of Botswana, Department of Educational ResearchBWUniversity
Marang : Journal of Language and LiteratureUniversity of Botswana Department of EnglishBWUniversity
News and Views for MagistratesUniversity of Cape TownZAUniversity
Track Two : Constructive Approaches to Community and Political ConflictUniversity of Cape Town. Centre for Intergroup Studies.; University of Cape Town. Centre for Conflict Resolution.ZAUniversity
UR@UCT: Undergraduate ResearchUniversity of Cape Town LibrariesZAUniversity
Global Health InnovationUniversity of Cape Town LibrariesZAUniversity Press
Journal of Construction Business and ManagementUniversity of Cape Town LibrariesZAUniversity Press
Jagger journalUniversity of Cape Town. Libraries.ZAUniversity
The journal of the Faculty of EngineeringUniversity of Durban-WestvilleZAUniversity
Al-'IlmUniversity of Durban-Westville. Department of Islamic Studies.ZAUniversity
Perspectives: a journal of economic and managementUniversity of Durban-Westville. Faculty of Commerce and AdministrationZAUniversity
Speculum JurisUniversity of Fort HareZAUniversity
African journal of development studiesUniversity of Fort Hare. School of Public Management & Development.ZAUniversity
Legon Journal of SociologyUniversity of GhanaGHUniversity
UniversitasUniversity of GhanaGHUniversity
Communicare: Journal for Communication Science in Southern AfricaUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
DiscourseUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
Health SA Gesondheid University of JohannesburgZAUniversity
Journal of Construction Project Management and InnovationUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
Journal of Economic and Financial SciencesUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
South African Journal of Childhood EducationUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the South SOTLUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity
The ThinkerUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity Press
Southern African Field ArchaeologyUniversity of JohannesburgZAUniversity Press
Journal of Digital Food, Energy & Water Systems University of JohannesburgZAUniversity
AlternationUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Innovation : journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern AfricaUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Journal of Natal and Zulu HistoryUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Journal of Theology for Southern AfricaUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Journal of EducationUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Journal of International Society for Telemedicine and eHealthUniversity of KwaZulu-NatalZAUniversity
Scholia : Studies in Classical AntiquityUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal and University of OtagoZAUniversity
Nidan : International Journal for Indian StudiesUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Religion and Theology, Private Bag X54001, Durban, 4001ZAUniversity
African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and LearningUniversity of LimpopoZAUniversity
African journal of Public AffairsUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity
Image & Text : a Journal for DesignUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity
South African Journal of Economic and Management SciencesUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity
Strategic Review for Southern AfricaUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity
Tydskrif vir LetterkundeUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity
Journal of Geography Education in AfricaUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity Press
Studies in BantoetaleUniversity of PretoriaZAUniversity Press
The Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementUniversity of Pretoria & Academic Entrepreneurship Society of South Africa (AcES)ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Africa Dialogue Monograph SeriesUniversity of Pretoria. Centre for International Political Studies. African Water Issues Research Unit. Green Cross I...ZAUniveristy
Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern AfricaUniversity of South AfricaZAUniversity
South African Journal of Labour RelationsUniversity of South AfricaZAUniversity
Southern African Business ReviewUniversity of South AfricaZAUniversity
Modern business lawUniversity of South Africa. Department Mercantile Law.ZAUniversity
New Voices in PsychologyUniversity of South Africa. Department of PsychologyZAUniversity
Global Media Journal - African EditionUniversity of StellenboschZAUniversity
BER: Building and Construction: Full SurveyUniversity of Stellenbosch. Bureau for Economic ResearchZABureau/Centre
Update: monthly supplement to Economic prospectsUniversity of Stellenbosch. Buro vir Ekonomiese OndersoekZABureau/Centre
Energy indicators: Institute for Futures ResearchUniversity of Stellenbosch. Instituut vir Toekomsnavorsing.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal of Governance and DevelopmentUniversity of St Thomas of MozambiqueMZUniversity
Communitas: Journal for Community Communication and Information ImpactUniversity of the Free SateZAUniversity
Acta Academica : Critical views on Society, Culture and PoliticsUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Acta StructiliaUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Journal for Contemporary HistoryUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Journal for Juridical ScienceUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Perspectives in EducationUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Town and Regional Planning = Stads- en StreeksbeplanningUniversity of the Free StateZAUniversity
Journal for Estate Planning LawUniversity of the Free State. Old Mutual Centre for Estate Planning Law.ZABureau/Centre
Small business newsUniversity of the North (South Africa). Business Advisory Bureau.ZABureau/Centre
Scripta geographicaUniversity of the Orange Free State. Department of GeographyZAUniversity
FakkelUniversity of the Orange Free State. Teologiese Fakulteit.ZAUniversity
Kronos : Journal of Cape HistoryUniversity of the Western CapeZAUniversity
Law, Democracy & DevelopmentUniversity of the Western CapeZAUniversity
KarringUniversity of the Western Cape. Department of Afrikaans.ZAUniversity
Journal of Vocational, Adult and Continuing Education and TrainingUniversity of the Western Cape, Institute of Post-School Studies (IPSS) in the Faculty of EducationZAUniversity
Palaeontologia AfricanaUniversity of the WitwatersrandZAUniversity
Business alertUniversity of the Witwatersrand. Centre for Business StudiesZABureau/Centre
LeechUniversity of the Witwatersrand. Students' Medical Council. Witwatersrand University Medical Graduates' AssociationZAUniversity
Journal of human sciencesUniversity of Transkei. Faculty of Arts.ZAUniversity
Transkei law journalUniversity of Transkei. Faculty of Law.ZAUniversity
Journal of Applied Science in Southern AfricaUniversity of Zimbabwe PublicationsZWUniversity
PaidonomiaUniversity of Zululand. Faculty of EducationZAUniversity
Article 19UWC Community Law CentreZABureau/Centre
Article 40UWC Community Law CentreZABureau/Centre
ESR Review: Economic and Social Rights in South AfricaUWC Community Law CentreZABureau/Centre
Local Government BulletinUWC Community Law CentreZABureau/Centre
Vitro pipelineVereeniging : Vitro Building Products (PO Box 49, Vereeniging 1930) ,NoneNone
South African Yearbook of International LawVerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law StudiesZABureau/Centre
Southern African Public LawVerLoren van Themaat Centre for Public Law Studies, UNISA, P.O. Box 392, Pretoria, 0003, tel: 012 429 8359; Fax: 012 ...ZABureau/Centre
South African Journal of Dairy ScienceVerwoerdburg : South African Society of Dairy Technology,ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Viktor Frankl Foundation of South Africa journalViktor Frankl Foundation of South AfricaZAInstitute/Society/Association
Vista occasional papersVista University. Department of Institutional Development.ZAUniversity
VASSA journalVlaeberg [Cape Town] : Vernacular Architecture Society of South Africa,ZAInstitute/Society/Association
SA computer magazineVlaeberg, South Africa : M.J. Smith-ChandlerNoneNone
Suid-AfrikaanVoorblad PublikasiesNoneNone
Southern African wireless communicationsWalton on Thames (Brassey House, New Zealand Avenue, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 1QF) : KadiumNoneNone
Water WheelWater Research CommissionZAResearch council/council/group/Academy
Water SAWater Research Commission (WRC)ZAResearch council/council/group
AgriprobeWestern Cape Department of AgricultureZAGovernment
African wildlifeWildlife Protection Society of South Africa Johannesburg, SA : Wildlife Society of Southern Africa Howick, SA : Wildl...ZAInstitute/Society/Association
EnvirokidsWildlife Society of Southern Africa.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
The naturalistWildlife Society of Southern Africa. Eastern Province Branch.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
Economic outlookWileyGBCommercial Publisher
South African Journal of EconomicsWileyGBCommercial Publisher
Insurance portfolioWillis Faber Enthoven (South Africa)NoneNone
RossingWindhoek, Namibia : Rössing Uranium Ltd.NAOrganization
CimbebasiaWindhoek, South West Africa/Namibia : The MuseumNAMuseum
DinteriaWindhoek : S.W.A. Wissenschaftliche GesellschaftNAInstitute/Society/Association
Wits Journal of Clinical MedicineWits University PressZAUniversity Press
Mondi southern birdsWitwatersrand Bird Club.ZAInstitute/Society/Association
African Journal of Reproductive HealthWomen's Health and Action Research Centre (a Non-governmental Organization in Nigeria)NGBureau/Centre
The Women's Legal Centre newsWomen's Legal Centre (South Africa)ZABureau/Centre
Human Capital ManagementWriteStuff PublishingZACommercial Publisher
South African Business GuidebookWriteStuff Publishing cc.ZACommercial Publisher
AnalyticaYeoville : Analytica (PO Box 93480, Yeoville 2143)NoneNone
Zambia Library Association JournalZambia Library AssociationZMInstitute/Society/Association
Transactions of the Zimbabwe scientific associationZimbabwe Scientific Association.ZWInstitute/Society/Association